all of our other jokes

1. why did the teacher wear sunglasses A. because his class was so brigt!!

2. what kind of pliers do you use in maths A. multipliers!!

3. what kind of meals do maths teachers eat A. square meals!!

4. what is the fruitiest lesson A. history,because of all the dates!! 

5. why do music teachers need a ladder A. to reach the high notes!!

6. what do elves do after school A. gnomework!!

7. what do elves learn in school A. the elf-abet!!

8. what is a snakes favorite subject A. hisstory!!

9. where did the maths teacher eat his lunch A. at the times table!!

10. which snake does best in maths class A. an adder!!

11. why did the romans build straight roads A. so there soldiers didnt go round the bend!!

12. how was the roman empire cut in half A. whith a pair of caesars!!

13. what game did ancient egyptian children like playing A. mummies and deadies!!

14. what was the favorite music of egyptian mummies A. wrap!!

15. did ancient greeks hunt bear A. not in the winter!!

16. what do you get if you cross a mouse with a roman emporer A. julius cheeser!!

17. who stole from the rich to pay for the bows in his hair A. ribbon hood!!

18. where do all the pencils come from A. pennsylvania!!

19. whats purple and 5000 miles long A. the grape wall of china!!

20. why was the maths book sad A. because he had alot of problems!!

21. what kind of fruit likes riding roller coasters A. the ki-whee!!

22. what do you give a hurt lemon A. lemonade!!

23. what do you get if you cross an apple and a christmas tree A. a pine-apple!!

24. what did one tomato say to the other A. you go on i'll kechup!!

25. what do you get if two peas start a fight A. black eyed peas!!

26. knock knock whos there howie howie who im fine-how are you





27.where can you find bubblegum in a railway station A.on a chew chew train!